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The best investment you can make is into your own body.

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“Success isn’t just about reaching your goals. It’s also about what you discover along the road while getting there.”

Personal Training & Yoga

Whether you’re in the midst of serious athletic training or just seeking a consistent workout routine, each and every training session with me is unique. We’ll always start our session off with asking how your body feels so I know how to instantly create a specific routine based on your body’s needs.

Josh Clemens Fit | Personal Training | Yoga Teacher | San Leandro CA


This consists of reviewing your goals and locking in a time slot for training with me. I’ll take your measurements, body fat percentage, weight, and assess your postural deviations. This is a perfect time for you to share concerns or questions.


Stop making up excuses and begin making actions. I always strive to provide an upbeat and positive atmosphere for training. With each session you will always learn something new, you will never do the same exact routine, and you will continuously be challenged.


Change doesn’t come overnight. With a professional trainer, proper diet, and hard work your goals are within reach. I’m dedicated to helping you each step of the way by always being available through email and text any time of the day.