Do you experience chronic pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders or even mental distress?

I am, and I’m proud to say that I am. Why? Because the first step towards pain management is acknowledging the pain and accepting that it is your pain. Now, if I told you that the next step was all in your head would you believe me? Well, your current pain is due to the brain and its central nervous system (CNS), so technically it’s neuromuscular. And, what is the best way to connect to the brain? BREATH!

So, lets start from the inside out focusing on breathing muscles. The Scalene muscles in the neck, the pectoral muscles in the chest and the diaphragm muscle, which interestingly share T12 (Thoracic Vertebrae 12) with the psoas muscle forming the most power coupling in deep core movement.

Next, we direct the breath to all major core muscles through muscle development, muscle awareness, and breath work. The core muscles we will be working with from the inside out will be the Diaphragm, sphincter muscles, psoas, hip flexors, abdominal muscles, glutes, QL (Quadratus lumborum) and surrounding fascia. These muscles I describe, as “the core” will be the most essential muscles used to obtain inner strength, inner healing, and mental and physical balance, along with most importantly working congruent to the CNS to help ease pain from the mind to the body through the breath.

Are you ready to get out of your head and into your body?