I recently took 7 weeks off from bodybuilding and focused purely on yoga and kickboxing. Getting back to the gym and lifting heavy was definitely a struggle, but let’s save that for another story. All the gym goers and friends kept telling me that they could tell that I lost weight but still looked very vascular and cut. Well, I did loose 7 pounds in which I plan to gain back in the next 8 weeks to come, but I told them that I felt great and still feel very strong and powerful.

How I felt and what adjustments I made…

When I hit the squats I immediately become sore, but I could still hit the same weight as before just not as many repetitions. So how is it that I lost 7 pounds of muscle, but could still lift heavy? Well, It’s because of the power that I’ve cultivated through breath and core activation. True Power comes from deep within your core, and it starts with proper breathing techniques to help you manipulate your strength towards the muscle movements you desire.

You can squat, or bench press, or dead lift, or curl, but if your core is not activated then you are not lifting to your full potential. Every movement you do involves the core even when you’re just sitting or standing. Power comes from the core, and not just the abdominal and oblique muscles or the quadratus lumborum and surrounding fascia, but most importantly your diaphragm muscle in which lies beneath all that. Your breath is a source of power, so follow your breath from the core all the way up to the chest and throat and out the nostrils as you lift and move.

Stop limiting your potential because of inadequate breathing skills or lack of core muscle engagement. If you want to become stronger and more powerful beyond superficial muscles, then begin to connect to your breath and to your inner core muscles.