Many of us suffer from back pain. There are many reasons why we have back pain, but learning to actively stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the inactive ones will definitely help. One of my favorite muscle groups are the hip flexors specifically the Psoas muscles in which originate in the low thoracic and lumbar spine, and wrap around the top of the femur and insert into the lesser trochanter or inner thigh. Many people overlook stretching the Psoas muscles in order to release lower back pain. In order to target the Psoas you must stretch it from the front with various lunge poses.

Another reason people have back pain is because the Gluteus muscles may not be firing, and or the Abdominal muscles are not properly activated. The Glutes are the powerhouse and if they are not engaged, then the lower back will take the load as you walk, run or lift. The Abdominal muscles are another key to easing lower back pain, because if they are not activated then again your weight distribution falls onto your back.

Top 3 ways to help ease lower back pain:

  • Stretch the Psoas Muscles
  • Strengthen the Glute Muscles
  • Actively engage the Abdominals

View this short video sequence that will guide you towards easing your lower back pain today.