The majority of my clients want to see change in their bodies, but also suffer from chronic and acute muscle pain. Experiencing pain in the body can be challenging and even set you back from reaching your goals. I have taken a different approach to managing pain while reaching my goals.

It is a four-step process in which you simultaneously work with your mind and body.

STEP 1: Accept

Many people attempt to ignore their pain or verbally abuse it and call it their “bad side”. Pain exists because the brain is trying to inform you that a specific area of your body is fatigued, misaligned, or strained. It will be hard to overcome this pain and move forward without first acknowledging and accepting the fact that your pain is real and needs attention. Stop attempting to ignore your pain and accept it.

STEP 2: Heal

Step two is a continuous effort along with patience. During this time back away from pushing yourself and allow for time to heal your muscles. In order to move forward sometimes we must take a step back. If you continue to treat your body and mind with respect and love, then it will love you back.

STEP 3: Let Go:

Your muscles hold thought and tight muscles are merely congested thoughts. In order to release those muscles you must allow yourself to let go of holding any thought you have in that area. Yes, self-massage, foam rolling, and stretching are major key points in this step. Although, until you breathe deeply into that area and tell your mind to let go will you then find the relief and peace you are searching.

STEP 4: Move Forward

All bodies are different therefore taking their own time to heal. Once your pain has dissipated or subsided, then you can finally take that step forward. This last step is important because you are now moving forward with more awareness and compassion than before, so be conscious with your actions so that you do not re-injure yourself.

This four-step method is something I teach to my clients over and over again.

Just remember that sometimes in order to take a step forward you need to take two steps back.