Too many people I talk to have lower back pain and posture deviation related issues due to lack of muscle engagement and awareness in the abdominal region. Some of these people are overweight and some of them are extremely fit. Essentially posture deviation can cause chronic pain in the body, so basically the way the muscles sit on the bones affect the way we hold ourselves and if we are holding ourselves too tight or too loose or in a way that deviates our posture than we will have some sort of pain.

You’ve probably heard it before and I’ll say it again, if you have lower back pain you should work out your abdominals. Well, that is true although having a six-pack will not solve the problem alone, but constant awareness and the engagement of the abdominals is what will soften the lower back and bring the posture into a more upright position. It starts with the engagement of all core muscles including the diaphragm.

Imagine alight blue wave-like air entering your nostrils and traveling down the throat into the chest and shoulders and reaches out onto the elbows and wrists, then proceeds down into the abdominals and deep core muscles of the hip joints, and finally traveling down to the knees, ankles, and all the way back up to the brain.Now, in a peaceful flow of silence the heart pumps gallons of blood throughout the body’s veins and capillaries filled with the very own oxygen you brought in with all these muscles.

The body was built to sit perfecting on the skeletal system. Eventually due to gravity, and the disconnection of these muscles our joints begin to cause pain and discomfort, and perhaps even misalignment of the skeletal system. So lets ease back and joint pain together by bringing breath to the places in our own body where we are tight, or loose, or imbalanced, and begin to hold ourselves with confidence as we face our everyday life.