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Josh Clemens is a health and fitness professional in Hayward, California. Offering Personal Training, Private Yoga sessions and Kickboxing, he has helped a wide variety of clientele assess, plan and exceeds their goals for personal fitness. Josh’s coaching style of crafting ‘in the moment’ routines, while still keeping individual fitness goals in mind, ensures training with him will always be exciting. Whether you want to loose weight, tone up, gain muscle or gain greater flexibility, Josh has the knowledge and experience to guide you towards your fitness goals.

“Education is the foundation of success and our foundation is the whole body.”

When you train with Josh you have the opportunity to learn more about nutrition & proper body mechanics. His passion for training and sharing his knowledge go hand-in-hand with the workout routines he provides every client. Josh’s goal is to help improve your day-to-day life, on or off the mat, inside or away from the gym. His desire to help clients reach their full potential is evident in the enthusiastic, vigorous, and uplifting environment you’ll experience during training sessions!

Quite often in personal training, the mind is neglected when addressing muscular imbalances. While these muscular imbalances are physical in nature, they also have a profound effect on the mind though the body’s nervous system. Additionally, these physical imbalances also manifest themselves in the quality of the breath.

Josh works with clients to correct muscular imbalances by first accessing the breath through body awareness. If the physical body can affect the nervous system and subsequently the breath, then we could also begin at the breath and work in a reverse fashion towards the imbalance. Access the Breath > Calm the Nervous System > Correct the Muscular Imbalance

Through proper breathing techniques, core activation, and a positive mindset, you can begin to transform your body from the inside out. Each session with Josh is unique and created specifically to your muscular imbalances, emotional state, and physical capacity.

Symptoms from postural deviations and muscular imbalances:

  • Scoliosis
  • Joint Pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Lack of muscle engagement
  • Lack of mobility
  • Depression

“Breath and body awareness are the foundation of training with Josh.”

Personal Training with Josh Clemens Fit San Leandro California
Personal Training with Josh Clemens Fit San Leandro California

“Put the work in and get the results.”

Inspiration & Support

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Squats can also be potentially dangerous movement for the joints if not executed with extreme focus, proper stretching & breathing techniques.

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You can squat, or bench press, or dead lift, or curl, but if your core is not activated then you are not lifting to your full potential.

Chronic Muscle Soreness

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Whining or Winning

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the road that leads to healthy change!


It’s time to stop viewing success solely based on finance, but more as a way we view and respect our-selves.