Squatting is a movement we do everyday, but usually don’t even think about it. The squat is a compound movement in which the feet are in a set position and knees and hips flex in a saggital plane of motion. For most posture deviations and lack of mobility in the body inhibits fluid motion and lack of proper muscle activation. There’s so much you can do to improve your squat, and bringing your attention to the squat is the first step.

Begin with the bar under on your shoulders as close to the Rhomboids as possible and for sure under C7. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to engage the back muscles and hold the bar do tight that your forearms are also getting a workout.

Now lift the bar and up and step back with one leg then the next, and no more than 3 steps to keep a natural stance. Remember to engage the core then push the knees out a bit so your Adductors don’t take the load. We’re looking to put the majority of the load on your powerhouse Glutes.

In my experience, the feet are the most important part of it all. Most of us tend to have pronated feet (turned inwards, towards eachother) which automatically bring more weight distribution onto the inside of the leg, the MCL and Adductors. But if you make a conscious effort to slightly supinate your feet (turn outwards, away from eachother) the weight will start to fall onto the outside of the leg, the I.T Band and the Glutes.

When you slightly supinate your feet to roll on the outside edges it brings your feet onto a flatter foot, but we think it feels wrong at first because we are so used to walking closer to the inside of the foot. This will also help your grip with all four corners of the foot in order to help create maximum grip and control, but remember that the majority of the weight needs to be on your heels. The back body is where true strength comes from. The Rhomboids squeezing together to engage the back and the Glutes to give you that power.

The Squat is by far my favorite movement!

This exercise can also be potentially dangerous movement for the joints if not executed with extreme focus, proper stretching & breathing techniques.