Success doesn’t happen over night, but you can go to sleep tonight and tell yourself that tomorrow you will become more than you are today. I have given a lot of thought to the word successful.

It has a double C and a double S, but only a single L.

In my own experience I have found that success is something we already possess something we already are, and in order to uncover that success we must dive deep inside and ask ourselves what it is that’s blocking us from our full potential. In order to become completely successful one must be full. So fill your cup by starting to change your perspective to seeing that the cup is already half full.

Lately there has been a word going around in pop culture and now everybody loves to hashtag it and over use it without even giving it much thought, and that word is ‘Blessed’. Before the money and before the fame Big Sean said that he felt blessed, so that right there shows that feeling full and happy with what you have and who you are already will help uncover the many blessings of success.

It’s time to stop viewing success solely based on finance, but more as a way we view and respect our-selves. True success is living ones full potential physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Success is something that we learn everyday through the challenges in daily life. Success is a choice to overcome these challenges and feel blessed no matter the circumstances or outcome. Success comes to those who wake up every morning and tells them-selves that today they will become more than they were yesterday.

More Thankful, More Blessed, and More Full.