My TOP 5 healthiest foods for building lean muscle while also maintaining healthy organ function and clarity of the mind.

As a Health and Fitness professional I am constantly keeping track of what I eat and most importantly when I eat it. Throughout the years I have studied both traditional nutrition and Ayurveda through Kathryn Templeton MA RDT/MT, E500EYT. I’ve practiced multiple diets and cleanses including vegetarianism, gluten-free, kitcheree, intermediate fasting, master cleanse, liver/kidney cleanses, colonics, and nauli kriya (pranayama exercises). My studies in nutrition along with my experience in fitness has led me to researching the best diets for building lean muscle while also maintaining healthy organ function and clarity of the mind. There are a handful of foods that are a part of my top 5 healthiest foods that I ingest on the regular due to nutrient value, anti-inflammatory affects, and availability. The 5 foods listed below are my favorite healthiest foods I enjoy eating on the regular.

My Top 5 Healthiest Foods


This hydrating vegetable acts as an Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant in which is essential for healthy blood cells and organ function.

Celery Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Healthy Vegetable
Kale Dark leafy green packed with healthy nutrients


Dark leafy greens are packed full of nutrients. Kale holds one of the highest amounts of vitamin-K in which supports bone health and fights against blood clotting. Kale is high in Lutein which support healthy eyes and skin.

Sweet Potatoes

Natures highest source of beta-carotene supporting healthy CNS (central nervous system) function.

Sweet Potatoes Beta-Carotene rich healthy vegetable
Avocado is rich in Monounsaturated fat for healthy brain function


The Monounsaturated fat and cholesterol in avocados support healthy brain function and promotes energy.


This potassium packed fruit fights against muscle cramps and plaque build-up in the arteries.

Bananas fight muscle crams and plaque build up in arteries - potassium packed

All 5 of these foods are jam packed with nutrients that fight against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and auto-immune disorders. They boost the immune system and support healthy organ function. When purchasing these foods keep in mind to choose organic and local, and when cooking these foods do not over-cook. If it still has a crunch it’s still filled with nutrients.

The best investment you can make is into your own body.

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